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Jeff covers music for Current, posting weekly show previews and highlighting new bands in the area.

Dagoretti Records Reveres Music as Universal Language

“I think what is called ‘world music’ is mostly garbage,” reports Dr. Peter Larson, head of Dagoretti Records and an Ann Arbor-based musician, songwriter, and producer. Larson founded Dagoretti Records in 2017 to release music recorded by Kenyan musicians like Grandmaster Masese and Makadem, whom he had aligned with during his time spent living and

Album Review: Seth Bernard – Let Love Light The Way

In times of weariness and disenchantment, the songs of Seth Bernard could reliably prove to be restorative. Healing and maintenance of the soul, as well as positive mental health, are varyingly dominant themes in his multifaceted mixtures of neo-Americana and indie-folk. Let Love Light The Way is Bernard’s fifth full-length album in just four years.

Venue Spotlight, Studio Edition: Big Sky Recordings

This series has focused on music venues that have been unable to host performances due to the closures for COVID-19. But there’s one “venue” that’s actually been able to remotely continue its work, and that’s Big Sky Recordings. Geoff Michael is the owner/founder of this renowned recording space, located just a few clicks south of

Venue Spotlight: The Ann Arbor District Library

The Ann Arbor District Library’s staff observed the progressing spread of COVID-19 with a keen eye towards optimal safety measures. Like all libraries, it remained closed for the duration of the three-month period of Michigan’s shelter-at-home executive order, to curtail the spread of the virus. But Sherlonya Turner says that while their staff certainly considered