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February 15 2013

How 'bout that meteor? I just feel bad for those poor suckers who didn't know anything about it until they went outside and thought there was an alien invasion. They probably pooped themselves. Check out this crazy video of space rocks plumeting to the Earth and landing in Russia.

Valentine's gift guide

Ranging from specialty jewelry and diamond bracelets to a romantic dinner at one of Ypsilanti’s best-kept secrets, to local hot spots that truly exemplify the creative energy and talent of Ann Arbor’s residents, start the day with a long, relaxing “yogassage” session and end with a cup of sweet gelato? Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day, if you ask us.

Holiday gift guide

It’s time to show off your gift-giving prowess. Current gathered all the hippest presents, from the eco friendly to the quirky, to fulfill all those holiday wishes.

Ypsilanti gift guide

For the eco-friendly fashionista … Solmate socks and hats are plush and snugly, made in the USA from recycled cotton, and have a plush fleece lining to keep ears extra warm. They’ll fit any A2 fashionista’s hippie-chic look perfectly. Mix 130 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti 734-961-8704   For the grown-up kid … OneLove Culture Shop’s “Mrs. B’s