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Farmers Markets

Ann Arbor Farmers' Market 315 Detroit St. 734-794-6255. Open Saturdays, 8am-3pm, January-April & Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7am-3pm, May-December. Bushel Basket Farmers' Market – Chelsea 20501 W. Old US Highway 12 Chelsea. 607-664-633. Open Wednesdays, 2:30-6pm, May-October. Chelsea Farmers Market 120 Park St. Chelsea. 734-216-8832. Open Saturdays, 8am-Noon, May-October. Cobblestone Farm Market 2781 Packard

Quick Buzzes

Despite the uncertain future of marijuana dispensaries in Michigan, Mediswipe  is pushing ahead.  The company,  is opening an Ann Arbor office with three physicians who can write marijuana prescriptions and another half dozen administrative folks who can help patients with their certification paperwork. After 51 years of operation, Herb David Guitar Studio will close its

March 25 2013

FINALLY! We've waited and waited and the photos of Blue Ivy are finally starting to crop up. She was spotted in Brooklyn with Mama B. Take a peek!

February 25 2013

The Academy Awards were amazing, but the best part were all of the awkward moments that the celebs had! Here's a breakdown of the five most cringe-worthy moments of the night. 1. Seth MacFarlane's entire monologue. He's really bashing Chris Brown and Rhianna at the Academy Awards? This isn't the MTV awards. Keep it classy,

February 20 2013

Sorry to burst your breakfast bubbles, but Kellog's has issued a recall on select boxes of Special K Red Berries cereal because they may contain glass fragments. Yikes!  Is your box safe to eat? Check the list here.