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Current Magazine is your premier source for all things culture in Ann Arbor. Current has been around for 40 years but became a part of the Adams Street Publishing brand in 2008. Once a print publication, Current now operates in a fully digital space with over 404,000 page views per year. Readers can count on Current for timely news about events, fashion, restaurants and so much more.

Adams Street Publishing Company

Office: (419) 244-9859
Fax: (419) 244-9871

Publisher / Editor in Chief

Collette Jacobs
Office:(419)244-9859 ext. 301

Co-publisher / Chief Financial 

Mark Jacobs
Offie:(419)244-9859 ext. 329


Robin Armstrong
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 319


Assignment Editor
Mary Genson
Office:(419) 244-9859
Copy Manager  
Riley Runnells 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 306

Sales Team

Account Executive 
Jen Leach 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 313
Account Executive 
Gabrielle Huff 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 315
Sales Administrator: 
Libby Cassidy 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 312
Account Executive 
Bonnie Hunter 
Office: (419) 244-9859 ext. 318 
Account Executive 
Amy Bjarke 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 310

Art & Production

Production Manager
Imani Lateef
Office: (419) 244-9859 ext.302
Senior Designer 
Leah Foley
Office: (419) 244-9859 ext. 307

Digital Media

Digital Media Manager
Nathaniel Light 
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 311
Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist 
Margot Jacobs
Office:(419) 244-9859
Digital Specialist 
John Borell III
Office:(419) 244-9859 ext. 309