The Do’s and Don’ts of Celebrating a Cannabis Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s creepy and jumpy, brimming with creativity, and encourages a spooky imagination–perfect to pair with cannabis!

Whether you’re into corn mazes, pumpkin carvings, haunted houses, costume parties or trick-or-treating, cannabis is the perfect way to level up your Halloween experience.
But cannabis can detract from your experience just as easily as enhance it. Read on for our recommendations on ensuring your cannabis Halloween is a delight, not a dud. 

Don’t risk driving high.

This is a big one. Although cannabis is legal in Michigan, driving under the influence can still get you in lots of legal trouble. And on October 31st in particular, there are often more car accidents, police stops and DUIs. If you are a young adult between 21-34 years old, you’re more at risk–68% of fatalities on Halloween were drivers in this age bracket.

If you are planning on partaking at a party, arrange a designated driver, or split an Uber with a friend!

Don’t forget marijuana possession laws still apply.

If you’re over 21, you can have up to 2.5oz of cannabis products on you at at a time. If it’s a concentrate, you can have up to 15 grams of concentrates on you. A reasonable rule of thumb is asking yourself what would be legal or safe with alcohol. 

Don’t let your passengers consume.

If you are the designated driver, make sure your passengers aren’t enjoying an edible on the way to a party. It’s illegal for any marijuana consumption to occur in a car, even if it’s not the driver partaking. 

Don’t smoke in public places.

This is still illegal. Make sure you’re on private property and that the owner is on board with cannabis being enjoyed there!

Watch out for trick or treaters.

Kids are twice as likely to be hit on Halloween than any other night of the year. If you’re driving, pay extra close attention, especially at intersections, driveways and alleys. Little people in dark costumes are difficult to see.

Don’t try something new, especially if you yourself are newer to cannabis consumption.

Some cannabis strains are more likely to cause paranoia as a side effect–and this could produce too much of a scare factor, especially if you’re in a haunted house or surrounded by LEDs. Stick to strains or edibles that you know work well for you. Conversely, you could be too relaxed by some strains, like indicas (which are intensely relaxing). But something like a sativa helps provide a boost of energy, which can be great for parties.


Safely prepare your edibles if you are planning on sharing.

If you bring treats that can look like regular, non-THC treats (such as brownies), label them so guests can be informed about their THC content, as well as how much THC is in each serving. The suggested max serving size is 10mg, so starting with 5mg would be a nice way to share but not risk getting your friends higher than they want, faster than they want. 

Do pace yourself with proper dosages so you can enjoy all your party plans. 

There’s not much worse than realizing you took more than you wanted, and you spend the entire party in the corner. Similar to sticking with strains or edibles you’re familiar with, stick with dosages you’re comfortable with! That way you won’t risk losing out on the party experience you wanted because you accidentally took too much THC.

Do consume while getting dressed! 

It’s so relaxing to have a few sips of wine or a gin and tonic while getting ready to meet your friends at a fancy cocktail bar; similarly, it’s lovely to get a teeny bit high while putting on your makeup and getting into your costume. Although you don’t want to get stoned and then try to put together a costume, if you have your costume all ready to go, enhance your getting-ready experience by nomming on a bit of an edible or smoking a joint!

What are your favorite tips and tricks for a cannabis Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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