Glenlore Trails Becomes A Winter Wonderland

By Autumn Vasquez

Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland? 

Well, Glenlore Trails is here to make that dream a reality with the return of its wintertime offering! This illuminated forest located in Commerce Township will transform with the season to offer a very festive and immersive excursion.

Starting on the 26th of November, Glenlore Trails: Aurora will once again invite guests to explore more than a mile of illuminated forest (which takes about an hour to navigate) that will have transitioned from its Halloween/autumnal decor to a decked-out winter/holiday-themed event with interactive elements, photo opportunities, and new “live experiences.”

This event will mark the second holiday season for Aurora after the popularity of Glenlore Trails’ initial debut last fall. The concept comes from Bluewater Technologies, a woman-owned business that supports sensory storytelling through digital and physical convases. While this company usually specializes in corporate events such as auto shows, during the pandemic, Bluewater Technologies decided to expedite one of their projects as a way to give people something to experience outside of their homes in a pandemic-friendly way, as well as keep some staff on the payroll. Not to mention, they already had the lighting and LED equipment that wasn’t being used.

Glenlore Trails: Aurora will be open Thursday through Sunday, starting at sunset, and tickets are currently on sale for $15-$25 or annual passes ($60 ages 4-12 & $100 for ages 13+).

Glenlore Trails: Aurora    3860 Newton Road, Commerce Township, MI 48382

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