Person of Interest: Phil Attee

Occupation: Brand Ambassador and Product Developer
at Ann Arbor Distilling Company

Person of Interest: The Stellars

Erez Levin & Dan Sagher

Locally Grown: Washtenaw County’s Small Business Owners

This crew of visionaries make Washtenaw County an amazing place to live, work and play. To celebrate, we asked them questions about their businesses, whom they admire and what it means to contribute in vital ways to the commercial health and quality of life of the communities they love.

Person of Interest: Fabio Cosmo da Cunha

Contra Mestre of International Capoeira

Person of Interest: Maureen Riley

We chatted with Maureen Riley, Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Person of Interest: Tyler Weston

The “Ypsi Real Estate Guy”

Person of Interest: Linda Fingerle

President and Managing Director of venture capital firm, Tappan Hill Ventures

Person of Interest: Ryan Brown

Executive Director and Co-Founder at the U School