Writer’s Pick 2020: Best Local Songs

These are the songs that kept me company. I listened in solitude, but they still brought me a surge of serotonin. Ideally, I would have not only listened to these songs, but also experienced them! Any of these tracks would be exquisite to hear (and see) in a live setting, at a venue, or even an outdoor festival. But, as it was, I spent much of my time in an upstairs office, letting in as much natural light as possible, and blissing out to these tunes with my headphones on…. These artists kept me company and soundtracked several hours of my writing throughout the summer. If I was able to stay positive and motivated, it’s in part due to the music from local artists that I listened to this year.

Several of these artists were featured here on Current Magazine throughout the year. So, in lots of cases, it wasn’t only a pleasure to listen to their music, but would was doubly encouraging to get the chance to talk with the artists that made this music — even if only by telephone or Zoom. Many of these artists are based here in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti, but there are a few on this list from as far out as Kalamazoo, Lake City, Detroit, and even Traverse City. I hope you enjoy them.

Jeff Milo
Jeff Milo
Jeff covers music for Current, posting weekly show previews and highlighting new bands in the area.

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