Revolutionary Secret Networking Cannabis Fall/Winter Event in Detroit

Photo from Unsplash.

Whether your love for cannabis is professional, amateur, or anywhere in-between, this one-of-a-kind Detroit secret networking event provides a unique opportunity to meet folk who generally enjoy cannabis, in a variety of specific specialties. 

What’s so secret about an event that openly advertises itself? It has to do with the way in which this event is run. 

Like many networking events, the Cannabis Industry Networking Event is geared toward folk who are interested in or working in the field of a particular focus. It provides opportunities for people who are interested in cannabis and want to learn more, particularly about the industry aspect–and it provides an opportunity for cannabis professionals to network with each other as well. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a cultivator or a dispensary owner; focus on hemp, CBD, or medical marijuana; or simply enjoy marijuana, the event promises a warm and welcoming time. 

But unlike other networking events, the “secret” aspect of the Cannabis Industry Networking Event lends a unique twist to the evening. Since the event brings together folk from a variety of cannabis industries, attendees who want to prioritize other attendees in the same industry or interested in the same topic will be able to do so because of the “secret symbol”. 

When you sign up for “Cannabis Industry”, the email you receive will contain a printable paper bracelet that will have your own secret symbol (such as a star) which will represent the particular area of the cannabis industry that you focus on, or want to learn more about (such as real estate or beauty). If you don’t have access to a printer, no worries! You can draw the secret symbol on the back of your hand the day of the event. 

When you arrive at the venue, the host can help ensure your secret symbol is accurate if you have any questions about it. Then you pop right into the event–usually around 70 to 100 people sign up–and begin enjoying yourself with cocktails, yummy food, and good conversation. There will be interesting and conveniently located bars for every event. 

There’s an optional icebreaker game at each event that you can utilize to ease you into the evening if you’d like; there aren’t any scheduled speakers, so the entire time can be spent engaged in collaboration and conversation.

A cool fact about the optional icebreaker: It’s only three questions, designed to be laidback but interesting, and if you complete the icebreaker you are entered into a raffle for an Amazon gift card!

This Detroit event is definitely worth the trip for folk who enjoy cannabis. You do need to sign up in advance; at-the-door entry isn’t an option. Buy your tickets here!

Upcoming dates and venues are: 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 – Two James (2445 Michigan Ave, Detroit)

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 – VENUE TBD (Sign up to receive the emailed location)

Wednesday, December 27, 2023 – VENUE TBD (Sign up to receive the emailed location)

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