Pink Shamrocks Brings Antiques and DIY Fun to Milan

A person taking a selfie.
Rita Gordon of Pink Shamrocks.

Named for owner Rita Gordon’s love for the color pink and Irish heritage, Pink Shamrocks began about fifteen years ago when Gordon and her husband were looking to furnish their house. Money was tight so Gordon had to think outside the box. She began picking up discarded furniture that was in need of some TLC and refinishing it.

“It always bothered me, these usable things that were old, antique and vintage were just kind of discarded,” Gordon said.

Her gift for seeing potential didn’t stop there, she soon began selling her refurbished pieces on Facebook Marketplace. Eventually, she ended up with four antique booths until settling into 28 E Main St, Milan in 2023.

Gordon describes Pink Shamrocks as “a homegoods and DIY mercantile.”

A photo of a table.
Bill Gordon of Pink Shamrocks

Rita Gordon’s husband Bill Gordon crafts and sells custom shelves, tables and mantles from locally sourced lumber. Along with their carefully crafted antique collection, they sell products by female owned companies, Iron Orchid and Dixie Bell.

“To me, it is important to embrace other women in the creative space and to carry their product,” she said.

Supporting female entrepreneurs isn’t the only way Rita Gordon uplifts her community, Pink Shamrocks also offers classes in furniture restoration and DIY art projects.

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Teaching classes was always the plan. “Part of selecting the business location we did was I really wanted an onsite classroom,” she said. Not only do these classes advance her mission of sustainability, they are also a space for empowerment. “I can see the confidence building as we work through the class,.”

Often referred to as the Chief Shenanigans Officer, Rita Gordon creates a stress free classroom environment.

“When they come to class I remind them that this is their time for self care and nurturing their creative side…we’re not here about perfection, we’re going to do what inspires us,” she said. In the furniture restoration classes, participants bring in their own piece of discarded furniture and are taught how to restore, paint and preserve it.

Pink Shamrocks works to promote creativity and sustainability through preserving quality craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for the perfect antique to add to your home or you’re looking to preserve your own vintage piece, Pink Shamrocks has everything you need to make your space beautiful.

Pink Shamrocks. 28 East Main Street Milan, Michigan. 734-612-3586

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