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Black History Month

Support Black-Owned Businesses in Washtenaw County

Our black neighbors need our support. Let’s give it by supporting local black-owned businesses in Washtenaw County. This list will help!

SE Michigan Black History Month Festivities 2022

Joyful Black History Month! Here’s a list of some culturally rich and entertaining virtual and in-person events happening in Michigan this month in the...

DIA’s Exhibit, “The New Black Vanguard

The Detroit Institute of Arts is currently hosting The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion, a “traveling exhibition feature more than 100...

Black Historical Figures You Should Know: Albert H. Wheeler

We wanted to share some of the local Black historical figures that made a difference in Washtenaw County. Today, we talk about Albert Wheeler,...

Black Historical Figures You Should Know: Rosa Letitia Byrd

“I like helping people.I like being part of organizations that do things, that make a difference in people’s lives.” -Rosa Letitia Byrd, Ann Arbor...

2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Day : Local Holiday Events

Highlighted MLK Activities in Washtenaw County  Martin Luther King Jr. said in his 1963 book, Strength to Love,  "The ultimate measure of a man is...

Eastern Michigan University Announces Exhibit that Highlights Harold Neal and Black Detroit Artist

EMU announces its latest exhibit, Harold Neal and Detroit African American Artists: 1945 through the Black Arts Movement.

Celebrating Black Artists: Ki5 Loops

Washtenaw County is full of talented Black artists who should be recognized. Today, we wanted to share a bit about Ki5 Loops.

24th Cheesecakerie Crafts Pastry Stout for ‘Support Black Business Series’

Image courtesy of 24th Cheesecakerie’s Facebook By Current Contributor Ann Arbor’s 24th Cheesecakerie is known countywide for their delicious pastries and desserts. For the month of...

Celebrating Black Artists: Olivia Guterson

For Black History Month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the amazing local Black artists in Washtenaw County. Today, we talk about Olivia Guterson.

Breweries Work Together to Address Racial Injustice with Black is Beautiful Initiative

To draw more attention to police brutality and the racial injustices that run rampant through our country, breweries around the US are participating in...

Black Stone Bookstore: A Brilliant Cultural Center and Community Hub

Black Stone Bookstore co-owner, Carlos Franklin, speaks with us about running an independent African American bookstore during a pandemic and civil unrest.