Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Stoner Couples

A photo of a couple making a heart with their hands.

According to a recent Wired Research survey, a majority of Americans plan to use cannabis in their Valentine’s celebration! So, if you are part of that majority and trying to think of good cannabis date ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for some of our favorite ways to include cannabis in this day of romance.

Cannabis oil massage

This is an especially good idea if your loved one experiences chronic pain–or even just has some sore muscles! CBD oil can help with inflammatory-related pain. Some studies show that CBD can ease arthritic pain, joint pain, chronic pain or even fibromyalgia.
To incorporate this into a massage, use a CBD oil or cream, like this soothing recovery cream from Ann Arbor’s Bloom City Club. This balm, intended to be applied incrementally, will not have a psychoactive effect, but will relax muscles. For added benefits, use a warm heat pack before applying the cream-it’ll help absorption!

Edibles in bed

Breakfast in bed is a classic Valentine’s day idea. Up the ante with an edible on that tray. Thinking of chocolate with a steaming morning beverage? Try High Profile’s chocolate caramel cups or milk chocolate peanut butter bar. Leaning more toward a gummy? Wild berry gummies are delish or try these whimsical sour blackberry gummies!

Cannabis cocktail or mocktail

A photo of a mixed drink.
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Making a cannabis mocktail or cocktail is easy. Take your favorite cocktail recipe and use an infused tincture or an infused spirit to ease back after a long day with your loved one. We especially like Exclusive Ann Arbor’s lavender tincture; it tastes delicious in a lemonade!

Many cannabis connoisseurs enjoy making cannabis mocktails so they’re not mixing substances, but if you do combine the two, start with a low dose. Mocktails that are especially yum with cannabis include infused lemonade, margaritas, and sangrias.

At-home spa day

What better way is there to relax at home with your partner than to wind down in a cozy romantic bath? With an infused bath bomb, like Cloud Cannabis’, you can add cannabis to your experience. Light some candles, dim the lights, and relax.

Destination spa day

Om Spa in Dearborn features Cannabis-infused spa rituals, with infused herbal massage oils combined with professional massage techniques. A scalp massage starts at $30, a neck and shoulder massage starts at $95, and a full massage starts at $145.

Gift a cannabis bouquet

What is your loved one’s favorite flower? With several grams of your favorite cannabis flower (try an eighth, aiming for the largest buds possible), craft a bouquet: trim and tie an arrangement of flowers together with a ribbon, and center the cannabis buds in the bow before you finish tying it.

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