Green Wednesday and Danksgiving: Why We Love Stocking Up for Thanksgiving

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The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, affectionately dubbed Green Wednesday, is now second only to April 20 (420 Day) in popularity for a cannabis celebration. 

Cannabis retailers across the nation offer discounts, deals, and savings on their cannabis products, and it’s a huge retail day: last year, Green Wednesday brought cannabis retailers around $116.4 million! 

Green Wednesday started several years ago. The holiday season always increases cannabis sales, but the huge increase in cannabis sales on the day before Thanksgiving specifically was first noted only a few years ago. Some of the reasons behind the increase in sales on Wednesday in particular are very practical – if a business closes for the holidays, its customers may want to stock up on their preferred supplies; doubly so if they’re using cannabis for medicinal reasons.

But Black Friday – a holiday that’s encouraged vast amounts of shopping for decades – also creates encouragement to get shopping done around the holidays, and a lot of dispensaries run sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Green Wednesday is expected to only grow in popularity as more states are beginning to legalize marijuana.

If you are a cannabis consumer, you’ll have no questions as to why you might want to enjoy your edibles or joints over the holidays! But for people who are newer to it, cannabis can be particularly nice for big social events. Some strains can help relieve anxiety; other strains can help encourage a person to be chattier and feel more at ease socializing.

If you’re thinking of consuming before or during the holidays, CBD might be preferred to high-THC cannabis: it offers the relaxation of weed but keeps it relaxed and nice. 

Indica, a strain whose nickname is “in-da-couch,” helps you relax. If you tend to get stressed or wound up at social events, this might really help you relax.
Indica does tend to make its users quieter, so that’s when the strain sativa can come into play: this tends to energize its users more. You can mix and match these strains, or if you want to focus more on energizing yourself, stick with sativa!

If you’re interested in cannabis sales in Washtenaw County, a few of our favorite local dispensaries have already announced plans to celebrate Green Wednesday, with more dispensaries to follow!

3Fifteen is offering 30% off everything storewide on Wednesday, November 25. 

Bloom City Club is planning a Green Wednesday discount that they haven’t disclosed yet–stay tuned for their release! They’re also planning a November Bloom Moon Party, with deals, raffles, and the option to receive a complimentary Moon Bag with a purchase of $100 or more.

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