A Celebration of Cannabis at Ann Arbor’s Hash Bash and After-Party

On April 1, Ann Arbor will celebrate cannabis at the Hash Bash starting at noon on the Diag of University of Michigan’s campus!

With street vendors, speeches and live music, the Hash Bash aims at bringing awareness and reform to regulations against marijuana on the local, state, and federal level.

The first Hash Bash was held in the 70s and has been an annual Ann Arbor tradition ever since.

While the 52nd Ann Arbor Hash Bash 2023 is still in the planning process, they have a facebook page where you can stay up to date on all of the fun details. Save the date and stay tuned.

In addition to the Hash Bash, the 2023 Ann Arbor Monroe Street Fair will be held on April 1. It is considered the after-party for Hash Bash and will feature plenty of booths for street vendors and pro-cannabis networking.

Although the 2023 Ann Arbor Monroe Street Fair is considered an after-party to the Hash Bash, it starts at 11 a.m. with a “Wake and Bake” as a place for early birds to arrive before heading to the Diag.

Since the UM spring football game is happening the same day as Hash Bash and the Monroe Street Fair, the organizers delayed announcing if they would be in the same location as prior years or if they’d need to move.

However, through negotiation creative problem solving, they were finally able to work with the city of Ann Arbor to ensure the Monroe Street Fair can stay on Monroe street.

To ensure safety, particularly with making sure emergency responders can get in and out of downtown, the city is planning to aggressively enforce the fair’s no-parking zones.

On-street parking will be limited along Church, State, Hill, William, North U, East U, and Tappan to allow emergency responders more space on the streets.

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