Michigander Takes the Sonic Lunch Stage with New Music

On July 11, alternative-rock artist Michigander headlines the Ann Arbor Sonic Lunch 2024 with singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Young Ritual. Since 2008, Sonic Lunch has been...

Don’t Wear Birkenstocks in the Pit

“Isn’t this f----n’ lousy for you? The sun is right in your face,” Isaac Brock mused to the crowd in Sterling Heights, Michigan on June 18.
Front of theater

Must Visit Areas in Ann Arbor

Visiting Ann Arbor is a unique yet fun experience. From historic museums to towering delicious sandwiches handcrafted at delis, the city has a bit of everything for you to try.
Stephanie Coleman, left, and Nora Brown, right. Image provided by Benton Brown.

Nora Brown & Stephanie Coleman Bring Traditional American Music to the Ark

Cultural identity is always as enmeshed into artistic expression as your eyes are into your head. Nora Brown and Stephanie Coleman will be bringing...

Milan’s Lauren Blackford Releases Debut EP

Milan’s Lauren Blackford Releases Debut EP