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Cannabusiness in Lansing, Legalization Fundraisers and New Dispensaries

Capital Conference: An Update on Local and State Medical Marijuana Law Changes Sunday, December 4 – Radisson Hotel, Lansing Join the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group in downtown Lansing for a day of networking and education. The event will focus on Michigan Medical regulations and requirements under the new state program. Search Facebook for event

Michigan is Finally Ready to Make Money on Cannabis

Years after voters passed the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act in 2008, the state government finally got around to defining the taxation and regulation aspects of the industry. A bill signed by Governor Snyder will take effect in December. It details the state’s plan to capitalize on what has grown into a $700 million industry. The

Rebecca the Budtender Talks Concentrates

Rebecca Trotman has been called the best budtender in the State of Michigan. She graciously brushes aside the compliment with an observation and a suggestion: “It’s always really flattering when someone says that, but it honestly just brings to light that a lot of budtenders aren’t properly trained in their craft,” Trotman said. “Bud tending