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Frosty February fun!

Allow me to begin the February column with my by now traditional Groundhog Day greetings! It’s my favorite secular holiday for the promise of spring soon-to-come — whether or not the furry little fellow sees his shadow.

My Folky Valentine

This year marks the seventh anniversary of “My Folky Valentine”, presented at 8pm, Sunday, February 13, at the Ark. Tickets are $15. The tagline of the show is “Together in life… together in music”, as several musical couples take the stage to share their talent and maybe even a few love songs.

Hoots and Hellmouth

The band Hoots and Hellmouth is on the heavy metal edge of the spectrum of folk music. To say that their shows are high energy is like saying tornados have pretty strong winds.

Susan Werner

Susan Werner’s fan base is not comprised of life-long Republicans. They’d be unlikely to applaud her song, “The Night We Won the War,” about Barack Obama’s election. Evangelical Christians are also unlikely to buy tickets to see her concerts.