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“The Brinery Stimulates Local Economy”

David Klingenberger gets more passionate about fermentation than anyone has a right to. The founder of the Brinery (thebrinery.com), demonstrating his products in a recent collaborative dinner with Zingerman’s, is attracting national notice for his natural brine-fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles.

Taco King

Meat with a little char, straight off the grill, tortillas with that perfect griddle-heated texture microwaves never achieve, tortas with their complexity of textures and temperatures – cram it all together to steam itself in a Styrofoam box while you drive home, and it’s wrecked.

Changing of the guard

David Whitney plans to bring fresh ideas to Paesano’s Restaurant now that head chef Isabella Nicoletti has left the restaurant after 12 years.

Artistic alcoho

Countless hours have been spent in the pursuit of the perfect martini. Shaken or stirred, The Ann Arbor Art Center once again presents Artini 2011, an annual Ann Arbor quest to find not the best tasting martini, but the most artful.

Frita Batidos

Eve Aronoff’s enthusiasm is infectious, even over the phone at half past midnight. We’ve never laughed so much in a chef interview. She’s excited about her new venture, which she’s been planning since long before she opened eve, the recently closed Kerrytown restaurant she’s known for.