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Ken Fischer: Michigan Music Missionary

From the very first, Ken Fischer was a Michigan Man. You might not think the head of the University Musical Society would be the gung-ho, sports-fan type. But UMS is no longer just the realm of symphonies and Shakespeare. During his 30-year tenure, Fischer took UMS out of their “Ivory (Burton) Tower” and into SE

Keeping Theatre Unscathed in Washtenaw

Ann Arbor’s rich art scene is often thought of in terms of physical art: paintings, sculpture, photography, with the art fair and University presence  focusing attention on the artist as an individual. At the same time, a vibrant culture of collaboration exists in the local theatre community. Though New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are

Dropping in on Washtenaw Literacy’s Most Popular Program

Imagine you live in South Korea or Japan and your spouse is offered a job in Michigan in the automotive industry, or is accepted to  U-M’s medical school. Maybe you learned a little English in school, but haven’t practiced it in years. Moving is a big opportunity for your spouse and your family, so you

City Chefs 2016

Since last year’s dining guide, we’ve been chomping at the bit to talk more with Washtenaw County’s talented chefs. Now local Chefs and Restaurateurs sat down with us to talk about their food, the Washtenaw County dining scene, new menu items, and what to eat during game day.  Dig in! Logan Restaurant Thad Gillies Executive Chef