Ordinances in Ypsi Gives Citizens a Say in New Developments

The people of Ypsilanti got a boost on September 11th when City Council passed a new ordinance, by a margin of 5-2, giving citizens more say on community benefits to be required from proposed real estate developers seeking financial incentives from the City.

Person of Interest: Shayla Fletcher

Shayla Fletcher is a wife, mother of two, and a local attorney. But beyond that, Shayla feels her biggest calling as a community volunteer.

Q&A With Lab Director Greg McGuire

Q&A with Greg McGuire, Lab Director at Mcity University of Michigan’s driverless vehicle testing facility

Letters to the Editor

Last month’s cover story, ‘Hot Mess: Ann Arbor Real Estate is on Fire!’ received quite a bit of feedback. Here are a couple of our notes received from our engaged readers. Read on!

Proposal: Ann Arbor Central Park

Deciding best use for the Library Lot The Ann Arbor Central Park Proposal is headed to November ballot. After years of trying, a citizens group known as Ann Arbor Committee for the Community Commons has garnered the 5,000 signatures required to bypass City Council and allow Ann Arbor residents to decide if the city-owned Library

The Gun Summit That Nobody Wants

On December 14, 2012, after the murders at Sandy Hook elementary school, I posted on Facebook… [read on].

Person of Interest: Matt Grocoff

Matt Grocoff is an environmentalist, sustainability advocate, writer, speaker, and Founding Principal of the THRIVE Collaborative where he is the strategic vision lead of what will be one of the most innovative and environmentally sustainable communities in the world- Veridian County Farm, on Platt Road in Ann Arbor.

Person of Interest: Kristie Brablec

Person: Kristie Brablec. Occupation: Experience Curator for Zingerman’s Food Tours.