Creative Dissection: Jazz Quintet ‘Talking Ear’ Launches New Podcast On Creative Process

After releasing their self-titled debut album last summer, Talking Ear started searching for a way to take their creative growth beyond performing and recording. Enter: podcasts.

Person of Interest: Morris Lawrence III

Occupation: Instructor at the Ann Arbor Karate Club

How did you first get involved with karate? My father took us to see Bruce Lee movies at the drive-in movie theater. When I was sixteen, my brother and I decided to start karate.

Person of Interest: Mike Michelon

Executive Director, Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Person of Interest: Omari Rush

Executive Director at Culture Source (an alliance for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations) Chairman of Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and arts education champion.

UM’s Racial tension

My first few months at UM have been disappointing and scary

Person of Interest: Katri Ervamaa

Occupation: professional cellist, chamber music teacher

Person of Interest: Greg Davis-Kean

Founder and primary blogger, The Frequent Miler