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Zero Gravity Therapy: Float Your Troubles Away

A new age relaxation therapy center, Neuro Fitness offers high, and low, tech therapies designed to facilitate deep physical and mental relaxation.

The Biz Buzz: What’s New, What’s No Longer, What’s Next

A few notes on what’s new, what’s no longer, and what’s next in Washtenaw County.

Biz Buzz: April 2018

Changes in Washtenaw County business

Biz Buzz: March 2018

Updates in Washtenaw County Business

Women-Owned Business 2018

Meet some of the most impressive women in Washtenaw County who are making their mark by doing innovative, creative things in their fields. Get ready to get inspired.

Biz Buzz – January 2018

Updates in Local Business

Biz Buzz: October 2017

Updates in local business

Biz Buzz: September 2017

Changes in local business