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Vie Fitness Opens Two Locations

Vie has opened two fitness studios in Ann Arbor, Downtown at 209 S. Ashley Street, and an Arbor Hills location at 3050 Washtenaw Avenue.

Restaurant Depot To Open In Ypsilanti

Restaurant Depot is opening its first location in Washtenaw County

Beers, Cocktails, And Live Entertainment At Lo-Fi

Look forward to enjoying bottled and draft beers, cocktails, and live entertainment at Lo-Fi.

MD Bagel Fragel Forced To Move

MD Bagel Fragel forced to move from their Plymouth location.

Uru Sports Connects Players With Teams

U-M graduate and field hockey player, Ainsley McCallister, is pairing players with teams through her online platform “Uru”

Domino’s Farms Aids Ann Arbor’s Need for Office Space

Domino’s Pizza and Arbor Research are both launching new office building projects at Domino’s Farms. Domino’s Pizza is creating a 33,000-square-foot building on the north side of Domino’s Farms, expanding to their current space. Arbor Research is creating a new 49,500-square-foot headquarters building on the east side of Domino’s Farms. Both buildings should be completed