Offal dinner

. March 1, 2015.

Grange knows meat and endeavours to acquaint its patronage. Thursday, March 26, Chef Brandon embraces whole-animal cooking in a special offal dinner. Explore the unusual pleasures of some of the under-utilized, under-appreciated animal bits that are known in some circles as delicacies. Bits may include sweetbreads, foie gras, haggis, spleen, tripe, tongue, tendon, liver, and more.

Make reservations. 118 W. Liberty St.


Grove Studios Live at RAC

Grove Studios is making moves! In fact, they HAVE moved…into a new physical space, located at 884 Railroad St – Check it out:  You can follow on Facebook for more updates about this community-minded multi-purpose space for local artists. But what we’re here to tell you about is their monthly live music/arts showcase at the

Chef’s Corner: Annette Weathers

Peek into the mind’s of Ann Arbor’s culinary arbiters when, each issue, a new local chef shares their unique perspective on Washtenaw County’s dining and hospitality culture.

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