For the Love of Chocolate

. February 1, 2015.

Chelsea celebrates Valentine’s Day with the 6th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza. A variety of Chelsea businesses will participate in this sweet event, offering gourmet chocolate tastings, chocolate jewellry, chocolate muffins and even chocolate sandwiches. 

Non-chocolatey events: drawings and raffles, store sales, and a bowling tournament. 10am-5pm, Saturday, February 7. Dowtown Chelsea.


Michigan Music Mix for Valentine’s Day!

Love is bliss. Love is pain. Love is catharsis and it’s messy and it’s marvelous. Love is the greatest and worst thing, ever. Love has inspired more songs than anything else in the history of humans making music to express their feelings. Whether you have it in abundance or if its just freshly fallen apart,

Musician Seth Bernard Launches Clean Water Campaign

  Singer/songwriter Seth Bernard is as well known for his music as he is for his community advocacy. The Earthwork Music founder recently released his third album in almost as many years, Eggtones for Fun, a break of brief levity spiced with a blend of sweet folk songs, strummy waltzes and some headier/heavier rock dirges,

UM’s Racial tension

My first few months at UM have been disappointing and scary