2012 Poetry & Fiction Winners

Heroin addicts dying in the street. Ghosts revisiting their kin. Adventure. Walking through dreams. Memories of a father. Natural disasters. These are the themes covered by our six winners, whose evocative, powerful, oftentimes chilling stories and poems were chosen as the winners of this year’s annual Current Magazine Poetry and Fiction Contest. Enjoy.

This Wheel's on Fire

From 12 bands, our readers narrowed the field to one winner. They’ve toured the country, recorded an album, and now they’re on our cover. It’s good to be Dragon Wagon.

The Green Issue

Let’s be honest—we live in a nation plagued by pollution, waste and awful eating habits, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, a solution many businesses in Ann Arbor are working towards.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Who’s more important than your mother? Moms make endless sacrifices, provide love and education for their children, and are the quiet and unseen force that shapes the next generation. Now it’s time for everyone to recognize these special women, and these Ann Arbor businesses aim to help make the mom in your life glow with pride this Mother’s Day.