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Jeff covers music for Current, posting weekly show previews and highlighting new bands in the area.

Electric Six Dare Not Stop

  Some people like to find happy mediums, but Electric Six seem to have found a hurried medium. Just like sharks risking demise upon their deceleration, the long-running disco-rock ensemble can’t stop. Won’t stop! …Or, will they? Maybe? Well, they sorta did… In fact, last autumn, their usual European tour was postponed when the band’s

Threads All Arts Festival

There’s no need for genius to go unappreciated. There’s a way to avoid someone being “ahead of their time.” The opportunity to appreciate artists IN their time, in the here and now, can be utilized with an amount of curiosity and follow-through–that is, to follow, or encounter, or discover, if you will, the local arts scene. Threads wants to

Mercury Salad Sandwich – Playing Riverside Arts Center This Friday

Mercury Salad Sandwich are an Ypsi-based quartet that charmingly refresh expectations of acoustic folk music, adding a bit of jangle and soul to their resplendently melodic arrangements. They released their debut album, Volume 1, last October, a collection of cool tunes that demonstrates a sharp sensibility for fusing dynamic riffs of rock and funk, spooling and

Interview With Little Traps About Harmony, Storytelling & More

  Just as I was becoming self-conscious of over-using my references to an abstract sub-genre like “neo-folk,” lo & behold, Little Traps comes along and smacks some sense into me. I say smack, but really the Ann Arbor trio’s knack for melody and an exuberant playing style supremely sweetened the encounter and bent my ear

Michigan Music Mix for Valentine’s Day!

Love is bliss. Love is pain. Love is catharsis and it’s messy and it’s marvelous. Love is the greatest and worst thing, ever. Love has inspired more songs than anything else in the history of humans making music to express their feelings. Whether you have it in abundance or if its just freshly fallen apart,