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March 25 2013

FINALLY! We've waited and waited and the photos of Blue Ivy are finally starting to crop up. She was spotted in Brooklyn with Mama B. Take a peek!

February 25 2013

The Academy Awards were amazing, but the best part were all of the awkward moments that the celebs had! Here's a breakdown of the five most cringe-worthy moments of the night. 1. Seth MacFarlane's entire monologue. He's really bashing Chris Brown and Rhianna at the Academy Awards? This isn't the MTV awards. Keep it classy,

February 20 2013

Sorry to burst your breakfast bubbles, but Kellog's has issued a recall on select boxes of Special K Red Berries cereal because they may contain glass fragments. Yikes!  Is your box safe to eat? Check the list here.

February 18 2013

Burger King's Twitter account got hacked earlier today and those wacky hackers made some pretty outrageous claims before The King caught wind of the drama. The account is currently suspended, but before Twitter made the call @BurgerKing's photo was changed to a McDonald's Logo and their background image to McD's new Fish McBites. Here are

February 15 2013

How 'bout that meteor? I just feel bad for those poor suckers who didn't know anything about it until they went outside and thought there was an alien invasion. They probably pooped themselves. Check out this crazy video of space rocks plumeting to the Earth and landing in Russia.

Valentine's gift guide

Ranging from specialty jewelry and diamond bracelets to a romantic dinner at one of Ypsilanti’s best-kept secrets, to local hot spots that truly exemplify the creative energy and talent of Ann Arbor’s residents, start the day with a long, relaxing “yogassage” session and end with a cup of sweet gelato? Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day, if you ask us.